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Low Load-Bearing Roofs

eArc is the go-to solution for roofs that suffer from structural issues. An estimated 40% of commercial and industrial roofs lack the minimum load capacity to support conventional glass modules. Glass modules can only be installed when buildings have a minimum load capacity of 15 kg/㎡. When buildings fall under this threshold, additional structural strengthening is required for solar to be installed, which is costly and disruptive to on-site business activities.

Waterproof Membrane Roofs

Roof membranes, such as TPO and PVC, are becoming increasingly popular waterproof covers for commercial roofs. Due to penetration issues, waterproofing membranes cannot accommodate conventional glass modules. By bonding eArc to these roofs, new solar generation capacity can be created.

Curved Roofs

Conventional and rigid glass modules cannot be installed on roofs with curved angles. On the other hand, eArc modules can be bonded directly to these roof types. Moreover, the flexibility of eArc modules compliment the curvature of these buildings, providing an aesthetic solar solution.

Glass Roofs

Glass roofs typically cannot accommodate the penetrative installation methods associated with conventional glass modules. However, eArc can be bonded on top of glass roofs and unlock the generation potential of these structures.