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Lightweight Solar for VIPV: Sunman eArc cuts transportation sector emissions

Release Time:2020-10-16

 For decades, the transportation sector has been the third largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. In 2009, the European Union issued a directive to reduce emissions of the transportation sector through the injection of renewable energy. Despite these efforts, emissions of the transportation sector have steadily increased over the last decade. In response, the European Union reset a new emission reduction target, requiring emissions of new cars to be reduced by 37.5% in the year 2030. With the sharp drop in the cost of solar generation and rapid deployment of electric vehicles, Vehicle-integrated Photovoltaics (VIPV) has become a promising field to help accelerate Europe's clean energy transition.


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Recently, Sunman has made significant ground in the European VIPV market, as hundreds of trucks equipped with Sunman's ultra-light solar module eArc hit the roads. Ordinary trucks use diesel generators to power electrical equipment, such as air-conditioning, TV and mobile phone charging. However, diesel generators are expensive, noisy and polluting. With eArc installed, trucks can save an estimated 2000 liters of diesel per year, resulting in a 3-year payback period. In addition, eArc improves battery life and mileage, helping trucks reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The business case is even stronger for electric trucks equipped with a two-way charging function that can export power back to the grid, making trucks a part of the distributed smart microgrid.



   While there are many solar cells and modules in the market, not all of them show potential for integration with vehicles. This is another example of Sunman's lightweight solar technology eArc expanding the market and deployment of Solar.