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Release Time:2022-01-13

On January 8th 2022, Sunman held a grand commissioning ceremony with local authorities in Yangzhong City, China for its new 1 gigawatt manufacturing base – set to take the solar PV industry to new heights.


This new base is a significant advancement for the PV solarindustry as it showcases the success of Sunman's commercialization of a new PVsolar technology, which now has the capability to scale globally.

The new factory based in China marks the return of the SunKking, Dr. Zhengrong Shi, a professor at the University of NSW in Australia. Dr. Shi throughThrough the use ofpolymer composite materials, FounderDr. Shi and the Sunman Team havesuccessfully developed a lightweightand glass-free, flexible and thin solar PV module that unlocks far greater volumes of rooftop applications around the world. 40% of commercial rooftops for exampleare unable to withstand traditional glass panels, but with Dr. Shi's new PV technology: eArc,the addressable market for distributed solarwillexpand dramatically. these rooftops are now able to install solar panels (or “solar skins”).


eArc modulesstill harnessmarket-proven, high-efficiency crystalline-silicon solar cellsas the basic electricity generating unit.Howeverby replacing glass with polymer composites, eArc modules are 70% lighter thanitstraditional counterparts.

eArcalsohas the most complete certifications and testing on in the glass-free module space, including but not limited to IEC 61215:2016, IEC61730:2016 and UL1703 (USA). eArc has also passed additional module quality assessments, including Broof T1(fire-testing), 3000 hours of damp heat, UV exposure (25 years equivalent), PID, salt mist and ammonia corrosion tests.


The success of eArc technology is truly underrated, as the solar skins themselves are as durable and reliable as glass panels. They are flexible, can be applied to curved structures and with installation methods such as quick-bonding, theycan be glued straight onto surfaces without mounting support.

Dr. Martin Green, a renowned solar PV veteran, congratulateds the company on the new factory launch “this is such an important occasion – the opening of the major production facility for the Sunman lightweight solar panel”. Innovation like eArc for the PV industry is helping the world's transition to clean energy. Dr. Green says “the industry is providing a major weapon in the battle against climate change. I have known Dr. Zhengrong Shi as an entrepreneur responsible for building up the solar industry in China to the status that it now enjoys as the world's largest manufacturer of solar panels”.

Phase 1 of the new manufacturing base is for 500MW starting in January 2022, with phase 2 beginning in June 2022 bringing total capacity to 1GW. The facility includes composite material production lines, eArc module production lines, a PV testing center and a research and development center.


eArc technology is also accelerating the development of new applications such as Vehicle Integrated PV and Building Integrated PV. Over 100MW's of eArc modules have been shipped worldwide since 2015, and new applications in PV will further accelerate the world's energy transition.